About The Project:

Red River Fence custom website redesign has been a challenging project. We faced with very outdated design and limited functionality.

Step 1: Red River Fence project went to our digital marketing strategy team. They thoroughly researched client’s main competitors and evaluated the industry. Then they came up with a unique strategy for one-of-a-kind functionality that will set Red River Fence apart from their competitors.

Step 2: The project idea and the strategy then was transferred further along to a team of talented website designers. They came up with a stunning, clean, user-friendly  and converting design.

Step 3: Once the custom design was completed, the project was transferred to a team of professional front and back-end developers who finally made RedRiverFence.com look and work like it looks and works right now!


About ODMsoft:

Since 2013 ODMsoft agency has been diligently providing web marketing, design & development services throughout North America. The company helps companies of all sizes creating an authentic brand identity to make them stand out in the crowded marketplace and grow their business through our innovative technology solutions and progressive marketing strategies.

Initially established as a local web marketing agency in Houston, TX, ODMsoft has rapidly expanded globally with offices throughout the world and positioned itself as one of the leading technology companies in the English-speaking markets.

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