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Our customers are very important to us. Owner satisfaction and word of mouth is a high priority to us.

In previous years we have sold Pool Nets, however, we no longer offer them.Andy Hines, owner of Red River Fence

While we try and avoid saying negative things about a product, we also feel an obligation to state our opinions and post customer feedback as it applies. The following comments are what customers have posted on blogs:

The nets are hard to remove and replace.

It takes two people to effectively remove the net. Can it be done with one person? Yes – but not easily.

With a net, the spontaneous swim is no longer a reality. Suddenly, the pool is not as accessible as it could and should be. A pool should be fun and enjoyable, not a hassle to prep and replace the net.

For pool maintenance, Pool service companies do not like the nets. When it comes to cleaning and putting chemicals in your pool, the service company will have to remove the net to do so. Since this usually takes about 15 minutes to do (for both removing and replacing the net), extra service charges could be added to your pool maintenance bill.

It’s claimed that a fence will enable a child to stack chairs and climb over fence. There is not one single documented case of this on record ANYWHERE. I’m not saying it cannot happen, but so far, it has not happened which leads me to believe that the possibility of it happening is about as likely as a lightening strike or shark attack. Remember, a fence and a net are not a replacement for adult supervision. They are tools to help in the aid of supervising a child.

Nets have a lot of moving parts. Rollers for winding up and storing the net. Hooks that must match up to all the holes, if a single hook is overlooked or skipped, then you must go back and realign the hooks in the proper sequence to replace. You will also need to attach a ratcheting pulley to leverage the proper tension to tighten the net. Lastly a guide rope will need to be located on your deck which is a long rope that winds around the center pulley of the net and back again to the deck.

Some say that they have a friend with a net and he/she love it. Yes, while many people enjoy their net, they may not have known about the fence as an option. The more honest question to ask yourself is will YOU be happy knowing all the possible solutions.

Some feel that the net looks better than a fence. Sure, the net will not obstruct your view of the backyard because it’s installed to lay across the pool, however, the fences are virtually invisible. A black meshed fence allows you to see the pool just as easily as your screen window allows you to see out. Aesthetics shouldn’t play a role in the safety of your child.

Nets can promote bad habits. This is one of the main reasons I feel a fence is safer then a net. In order to prep the pool for a swim, the net will need to be removed. It takes about 15 minutes to do this. Then, when you are done swimming, it will take another 15 minutes to put the net back on. Many you families swim daily during the summer and sometimes several times a day. You have to ask yourself, will you replace the net each and every time you have a lunch break, bathroom break, nap break, etc. If the answer is no, then you may want to consider a fence. The first time you decide to not replace the net because you will be swimming again that day, you are no longer safe and the potential of a drowning just increased 100%. The fence allows you to walk through a self closing/self latching gate in 3 seconds.

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