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Honesty and integrity is what we base our reputation on, we have decided to write this article to tell everyone who we are and where our character lies. Many have asked why we don’t look to expand our business and hire installers, sales people and such. The short answer is quality. A family run business is the best way to achieve quality control and build trust.

We don’t slip in tax bills at the end of a job, I don’t like any sort of surprise billings or the common phrase as a tax trap, it starts like this the word tax is under lined.

Also some of our competitors will scribble so many numbers and figures that it’s impossible to know what the final bill will be. Our promise to ALL of our customers is that we will write two numbers, the fence cost and if a gate is added. All prices include the tax and ALL applicable charge. We will not slip in extra or hidden charges. Our reputation is important and I will not waiver on that.

Always ask any company giving you a quote, Does this price include TAX and all applicable charges and make them circle the number for the amount to write the check at end of job. It will save you a headache and frustration on completion of the job.

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