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So you decided that you need a pool safety fence and have researched all the possible benefits of a pool safety fence over door alarms and nets. We arrive at your home. We assess the area to be fenced. We talk about what you have in mind and then suggest our professional opinion on where the fence should go. We proceed to measuring the area and give a quote based on the footage amount needed.

We show you samples answer any questions and demo the products and how they work. We understand that almost every customer gets a minimum of three quotes and we encourage that. We are always the lowest, but not because we have a less product, it’s because as a privateer company, we can buy at a better price that the factory dealers who must pay their national brands. We also install everything ourselves.

We have a direct ownership and reputation to maintain. We usually get a call after all the estimates have been completed and the customers will say Let’s do it, we can then schedule an install. When we arrive, we mark layout the pattern and mark where the holes will be drill diamond drilled. The entire process takes 3 hours from start to finish on the averaged size pool. When finished, we go over the maintenance and operation of the pool fence.

First, we will go over the layout of where the fence will be placed. We usually start the markings with the gate placement. This is usually where the swim out to the pool is. Then, using 3 ft rulers and china markers, we mark the areas for the holes that the fence will go in. After the layout is complete, we proceed to drilling the holes with a wet diamond core drill. Using this kind of drill allows us to precisely drill into the deck with no chips or cracks.

After the drilling is done, the holes are cleared of any cores and debris that have been left behind. The hole is then measured for depth to make sure the sleeves will fit. Once that is confirmed, we use a hammer, a sleeve and a sleeve tool to hammer the sleeve into the hole, creating a snug fit. The area is then washed down, cleaning off any dirt, sand and debris that may be on the deck. Once all holes have been drilled and sleeved, it’s time to insert the fence.

Each section is unrolled and placed into each hole, as well as inserting the gate. As soon as all the pool fence has been installed, we get out the drill and latch each section together. The gate is a one piece unit that fits into two holes and connected to each side of the fence. We make final adjustments to ensure that the magna latch is functioning 100%. Sometimes we have to make a custom length section to accommodate steps and odd spaces that are not divisible by standard lengths.

This is a common occurrence on almost every job. We can also do dirt install and through flowerbeds and lawn sections. We take a schedule 40 pvc and drive this down into the ground two feet. Concrete is poured around the footing to hold it in place.

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